Lil B (#BasedGod) has inspired a senior fashion thesis collection (#BasedGod), and now you can preorder some of these items online (#BasedGod)

Lil B (#BasedGod) has inspired a senior fashion thesis collection (#BasedGod), and now you can preorder some of these items online (#BasedGod)

“They look at me and see a black man? I feel like a white woman” - Lil B

“Fuck a Maserati I pull up in a minivan swaggin’ like a mommy” - Lil B

“Nikki Minaj I’m the finest bitch out, ya feel me?” - Lil B

“20 on my dick because I look like Miss America” - Lil B

“I’m Miley Cyrus” - Lil B

“I look like Paris Hilton” - Lil B

“Suck my dick because I look like JK Rowling” - Lil B

Maybe we should have seen this coming; the combination of Lil B’s “swag to the maximum” and women’s fashion seems like a natural thing, it just feels right, right? He has always been comfortably in touch with his feminine side, errr… or at least comfortable claiming to look like famous white female celebrities. Luckily (phew) that vision is one step closer now that anyone (Lil B included) can snag some ladies’ threads with The BasedGod’s image not-so-subtly emblazoned about them.

The Fader has hipped us to the fact that a senior thesis clothing collection inspired by Lil B’s swagger recently showcased at the Parson’s school graduation fashion show. Aptly entitled “BASED,” the collection includes a bomber jacket, custom Timberland boots, a fishnet skirt, and even full-length dresses. All of these, of course (duh), are drenched in the deliciously BASED image of Bay Area rapper and free-form genius Lil B. Some of designer Isabel Simpson-Kirsch’s handmade pieces can be pre-ordered here, but only for a very limited time, so hit it quick. If you ever wanted to counter Lil B lyrics like “you’re on my dick” with a pair of boxers with his face literally ON your dick, this is your golden opportunity. And for those in need of a serious Lil B refresher course, or a fitting introduction to this amorphous rapper’s work, I defer you to the writings of resident BasedGod expert C Monster, cuz he BASED AS FUCK!

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