Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V split into two parts, part one coming in December

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V split into two parts, part one coming in December

Weezy F Baby, a.k.a. Lil Wayne, has some bad news for the heads out there: Tunechi’s alleged final album, Tha Carter V, won’t be coming out this week. Like a Japanese RPG that also uses Roman numerals, Lil Wayne’s forthcoming record has been plagued with delays. Originally set for a May 2014 release date, the album was pushed back to October, despite the fact that Wayne said “I’m finished” and “I’m done” back in June. Since then, he’s given us three singles from the album — “Believe Me,” “Grindin,” and “Krazy” — and even jumped on a T.I. remix of “About the Money” for a guest spot last week. All signs point to this being a business issue with the label.

Now, in a new PSA, Wayne explains that he simply recorded too many songs to fit onto one album, so Young Money is gonna pull a Hunger Games and release the LP in two parts. The first part will drop December 9, and it sounds like Weezy is sticking firm to that date. The next part, however, is up in the air. It’s funny, because the original plan for Tha Carter V was for the main record to drop in October, followed by another LP called Da Other Album with all the leftovers. Why couldn’t Wayne just keep his last Carter pure, pick 14 of his best tracks, and call it a day? Or just put out a double album if he really wanted to? It’s a funny thing, money.

Let’s just wait and see if we have a Weezy Christmas after all. As Wayne said in his message, “You’re gonna love it, cause I fucking love it; if you don’t fucking love it then you don’t fucking love love. That made sense? I hope so.”

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