Loren Connors’s rare 2001 album Lullaby being re-released on Sean McCann’s Recital imprint

Loren Connors's rare 2001 album Lullaby being re-released on Sean McCann's Recital imprint

Loren Connors, a hero around these parts, will see his 2001 album Lullaby re-released on vinyl, thanks to Sean McCann and his Recital imprint. Described by Recital as “a story of shadowed miniatures; flickering electronic guitar poems,” the 14-track album was originally burned to CD-R in an edition of 100, but is now being remastered from the original tapes, with Loren’s recent artwork included as a 6”x9” insert. The first 100 copies of the album (out of 500) will also come with a poem written by Loren to his wife on Christmas Eve 1986, which Recital notes is when their son was 9 months old.

Preview the track “Lullaby (the 4th)” below. It’s a short, unassuming cradlesong that captures the warm, nightlight glow of this album well.

Lullaby will be available May 27. Recital is taking pre-orders now.

Lullaby tracklist:

01. Lullaby (the 1st)
02. Whispers
03. Lullaby (the 2nd)
04. Lullaby (the 3rd)
05. Want Me to Tell You (Why I Cried?)
06. Lullaby (the 4th)
07. “Dont Leave”
08. “I am Scared of the Dark
09. And the Shadows on the Wall”
10. Lullaby (the last)
11. …Sleep…
12. The Kiss – A Moment at the Door
13. Woven Dreams
14. Through the Stars

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