Lorenzo Senni signs to Warp, announces Persona EP

Lorenzo Senni signs to Warp, announces Persona EP

Lorenzo Senni’s Superimpositions was a highlight of 2014, a pointillist take on 90s trance that deconstructed its twinkling synths into a cascade of ice-cold 1s and 0s. It was simplistic and repetitive, with arpeggiated buildups that never quite resolved, following much of the same formula as his 2013 release Quantum Jelly on Editions Mego.

Now, Senni’s signed to Warp Records to release his new EP Persona. The label insists that the release “emphasizes Senni’s roots in straight edge Hardcore punk,” but what I hear on lead single “Win in the Flat World” is a more expansive take on Superimpositions’s lucid progressive electronics. It still pirouettes toward oblivion, but it’s more euphoric now, echoing the turnt hype of Rustie at his best. You don’t have to listen too hard to hear the influence of 2015 Warp standout Garden of Delete, either. Persona seems to inch Senni closer to blissful trance presented unironically, more about the feeling than the underlying thesis.

Persona is out November 11 digitally and on 12-inch vinyl.

Persona tracklist:

01. Win In The Flat World
02. Rave Voyeur
03. Emotiva1234
04. One Life, One Chance
05. Angel
06. Forever True

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