Lorenzo Senni traces “The Shape Of Trance To Come” on new 12-inch, shares titular track and tour dates

Lorenzo Senni traces "The Shape Of Trance To Come" on new 12-inch, shares titular track and tour dates
The trance of shapes to come.

If trance music had a shape, what would it look like? Would it have the defined, logical boundaries of a trapezoid? Would it flow in an unending ellipses, a-la the oval? Would it be pointy and funny looking like an obtuse triangle? Well, it doesn’t matter, because in just a few short weeks, SHAPE-affiliated artist Lorenzo Senni will be displaying trance in a heretofore unseen geometric pattern with his new 12-inch XAllegroX / The Shape of Trance To Come.

Following the “EUREKA!” of last year’s Persona EP, the two-track 12-inch promises to be, “a musical mechanism into rave music’s darker sides, a never-reaching euphoria through non-conventional musical elucidation.”

Judge for yourself just what the shape of trance to come is (apart from having a 12-inch diameter) by listening to “The Shape Of Trance to Come” down below.

Or, if that’s too easy for you, IGNORE THAT STREAMING BOX DOWN THERE and head to Senni’s new interactive website, where you’ll be asked to use your Mad Libs skills to fill-in a series of blanks before hearing the song. Make sure you’re up for the challenge though. If you fail to solve the riddles and gain access to hearing “The Shape Of Trance To Come,” it would not be fly at all; in fact, it would be a crime.

Senni also has some tour dates coming up, all of which you can find below without having to solve several brain teasers. XAllegroX / The Shape of Trance To Come is out September 29 on Warp, and can be pre-ordered here.

The Shape of Trance to Come tracklisting:

01. XAllegroX
02. The Shape of Trance To Come

Lorenzo Senni tour dates:

09.08.17 – Linz, AT – Ars Electronica Festival
09.09.17 – Bialystok, PL – Up to Date Festival
09.14-17.17 – Rome, IT – RBMA Rome
09.21-22.17 – Bolzano, IT – ITNW Transart
10.06.17 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bazaar
10.13.17 – Mexico, MX – Mutek Mexico
10.20.17 – Prague, CZ – Lunchmeat Festival
10.21.17 – Bristol, GB – Simple Things Festival

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