Lotic to release Heterocetera EP on Tri Angle Records

Lotic to release Heterocetera EP on Tri Angle Records

Lotic’s DAMSEL in DISTRESS mix (#16 on our 2014 list) pummeled us last year with its multifarious forms of sonic violence and discursive progressivism. Lotic, a.k.a. 25-year-old J’Kerian Morgan of the Berlin-based Janus collective, had created a dark, brutal, political depiction/reflection/refraction of club life, one that so thoroughly expanded the vocabulary and implications of electronic dance music that absorption necessitated a confrontation with its socialization, offering various ways to situate our own blissful reactions to it.

So it is with considerable excitement that we report that Tri Angle will be handling the release of Lotic’s latest material, the five-track Heterocetera EP. And if it’s anything like DAMSEL in DISTRESS, then we’re in for a treat.

Heterocetera is out March 3. Check out the EP’s title track, which can be heard in mutated form on DAMSEL, here:

Heterocetera tracklist:

01. Suspension
02. Heterocetera
03. Slay
04. Phlegm
05. Underneath

• Lotic: https://soundcloud.com/lotic
• Janus: http://janusberlin.com
• Tri Angle: http://tri-anglerecords.com

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