Lou Barlow releasing all-ukulele EP Apocalypse Fetish

Lou Barlow releasing all-ukulele EP Apocalypse Fetish
Photo: Adam Harding

Dinosaur Jr. bassist and all-around alt rock icon Lou Barlow is set to release an all-ukulele EP, Apocalypse Fetish, on October 28 via Joyful Noise. The title track is a commentary on humanity’s disappointment with this mad, bad world and our desire to bring the whole mess crashing down. The other four tracks are apolitical but “similarly “fired up,” says Barlow

The inspiration for Apocalypse Fetish came while Barlow played his uke in the basement of the Eagle’s Ballroom in Wisconsin while on tour with Dinosaur Jr. “Actually, it sounds nothing like a ukulele,” says Barlow. “For all intents and purposes it is a 4-string acoustic guitar utilizing the strumming styles and lower toned soundscapes.”

The album cover features a newborn peering warily out of a sling — the second baby to appear on the cover of a Barlow record. (See Sebadoh’s 1994 Bakesale, with its toilet-investigating toddler.)

Barlow says he would be proud if Apocalypse Fetish were his final record.

Pre-order Apocalypse Fetish here and listen to “The Breeze” below:

Apocalypse Fetish tracklisting:

01. The Breeze
02. Apocalypse Fetish
03. Anniversary Song
04. Pour Reward
05. Try 2 B

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