Loud Objects (Tristan Perich, Kunal Gupta, Katie Shima) announce new album that’s really just a set of loud objects (like, literally)

Loud Objects (Tristan Perich, Kunal Gupta, Katie Shima) announce new album that's really just a set of loud objects (like, literally)
Where does the turntable needle go, again?

Ever gone to your local sketchy van behind the CVS to see Loud Objects perform – their real-time soldering of sound circuits displayed for all to see via an antique overhead projector – and wished that one day you could be the one wowing all the kids and slinging that sexy soldering gun? Well, great news: with Noise Toys your (extremely nerdy) wish just got granted!

Noise Toys? Yes, Noise Toys! The latest album from the trio of Tristan Perich, Katie Shima, and Kunal Gupta; Noise Toys isn’t technically an “album” at all, but a series of five chips, portable versions of the very same equipment used by Loud Objects when they perform. Aside from a mandatory ability to be able to press two buttons and access to either headphones or an amplifier, all you need to make Noise Toys work for you is your imagination! From Mozart’s oldest living relative, to a baby who has yet to develop object permanence, Noise Toys is perfect for all ages and experience levels.

Come November 3, Noise Toys will officially be released via Physical Editions, with pre-orders available on Bleep.com starting October 20. Choose one – the drone of “Sunrise,” the underwater vibes of “Manatees,” the blips of “Broccoli,” the drum-n-bass of “Oracle,” or the spring of “Butterfly” – or, collect all five and become a maestro of 1-bit generative noise patterns. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to become the fourth member of Loud Objects***!

***Warning: Mastering Noise Toys in no way guarantees that you’ll be allowed to join Loud Objects (in fact, it’s definitely not going to happen).

Anyway, check out a demo of what the complete set is capable of down below, and click here to hear/see what noise each chip can do on its own.

Noise Toys thingamajig-listing:

Noise Toys 01: Sunrise
Noise Toys 02: Manatees
Noise Toys 03: Broccoli
Noise Toys 04: Oracle
Noise Toys 05: Butterfly

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