Mark McGuire announces Noctilucence EP, since The Mars Volta didn’t already call it

Mark McGuire announces Noctilucence EP, since The Mars Volta didn't already call it

Noctilucence… it’s really more than a state of mind. Clouds that you can see in the night, shimmering on the water; that is true noctilucent bliss. It’s also the title of former Emeralds member Mark McGuire’s latest EP, which follows up this year’s exceptionally chill record Along the Way. Expanding on the cloud theme, McGuire says, “It’s a recording about the discovery and understanding of the shadow, entrance to the realm not controlled by the light of day, or the logic of reason.” And noctilucence is also a really cool word that most people (save for meteorologists and crystal healers) haven’t heard of or used before. In fact, the members of now-defunct prog band The Mars Volta are kicking themselves as we speak.

Along with the EP announcement, McGuire has shared the 12-minute title track, which sprawls out in waves of shimmering guitar, stiff low-end, and a cosmic, insistent rhythm. The song’s dynamic as hell, and it seems determined to bury itself deep in your psyche. Nobody blends new age style, heavy guitar texture, and an electronic pulse like McGuire. Before Noctilucence drops via Dead Oceans on November 11, gorge on the title track and ponder the next phase of our collective consciousness.

Noctilucence tracklist:

01. Freedom of Spirit
02. Earth Grid (Activation)
03. Noctilucence
04. Entity (Presence)
05. Astral Projection

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