Matt Carlson (Golden Retriever) to release experimental electronic album on Shelter Press

Matt Carlson (Golden Retriever) to release experimental electronic album on Shelter Press

I’ve been sayin’ for like AGES now that there are not enough artists out there these days giving those classic humble building-block sounds of “boop” and “beep” their beautiful due.

Finally, all that shit’s about to change with the spectacular news that Portland-based synth tormentor (and one half of the synthy improv duo Golden Retriever) Matt Carlson has a new album of his unique brand of boop-beep-emancipating modular synthesis coming our way July 21 on the Shelter Press label.

Careful not to oversell the album (which, speaking of selling, you can pre-order right over here), Carlson’s press release calls it “a record of experimental electronic music that explores possible relationships between voice and modular synthesis.” Compelling words, no doubt. But SCREW THAT. I’m callin’ it a motherfuckin’ “BEEP-BOOP REVOLUTION”! Don’t believe me? Just check out the track “The Game” down below (as well as the full tracklisting) and just try to keep your animal passions for modular synthesis and human voices in check. I dare you.

The View From Nowhere tracklisting:

01. Sitting Down To Boolean Tea
02. In Order To Find The Real Artichoke, We Divested It Of Its Leaves
03. The Game
04. A Discrete Infinity
05. An Enhanced Interrogation Of Authenticity
06. The Non - Entity
07. How S Can Be Indirectly Self - Defeating
08. The View From Nowhere
09. Why I Left The Center

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