Matt Valentine (MV + EE) to release his 2nd Wet Tuna album in October, nth solo album in November

Matt Valentine (MV + EE) to release his 2nd Wet Tuna album in October, nth solo album in November
Photo: Erika Elder

At the beginning of 2013, I already had a fair share of Matt Valentine-related LPs, CDs, and C.O.M. (Child of Microtones) CD-Rs; but I never really knew much about the man and his musical mission until I dove mind-first into Byron Coley’s April feature in the (then) reinvigorated Arthur Magazine. The interview and timeline of Eastern Seaboard-area music was a toe-in to the discombobulating world, driving passion, and psych CV of a true free spirit. I got learned good. And the education continues. Recently, I found out that Valentine’s first car was a ‘67 Mustang, but that’s another stalker…oops, I mean “story!” That’s another STORY!

Since that Arthur article, Valentine has ventured further into his head/space quest, always in improvisational and unconventional fashion, with partner Erika Elder as MV + EE, in collaborations-a-plenty, and for many solo ventures.

These are busy days for Valentine, as he has TWO new releases coming out soon: one solo platter due in November on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond and a Wet Tuna disc next month on Three Lobed Recordings! Tracks? We’ve got some for you!

The solo “MVP” record is called Preserves and it contains eight tasty jams in Valentine’s trademark slow hip-dislocating style. It is available on CD, DL, LP, and neon green limited vinyl on November 8 and it can be pre-ordered here. The first track is “Light Speed >” and it can be heard — not at light speed — below.

The sophomore Wet Tuna album with P.G. Six (Pat Gubler) is called Water Weird, and its second track, the cool drifter “Cowpath 40,” is presented below. Out October 11 on Three Lobed Recordings, the limited vinyl and downloads can be pre-ordered here. Check out “Goin’” in the tracklisting below too!

As for me, I’m off to buy a camouflage onesie, a Whisper 2000, and a ticket to an address in Vermont that I am forbidden to reveal.

Preserves tracklisting:

01. Light Speed >
02. Cosmic Debris >
03. Movin’ (For the Cosmic Range)
04. Analog Love >
05. Crystal Mama
06. Be Kind >
07. Minor Rager > Calliphygian Niekro > Minor Rager
08. Rockbottomless

Water Weird tracklisting:

01. Poor Old Interstellar
02. Disco Bev
03. Cowpath 40
04. Sacagawea
05. Goin’
06. Roam

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