Meg Baird announces Don’t Weigh Down the Light, out June 23 on Drag City

Meg Baird announces Don't Weigh Down the Light, out June 23 on Drag City

Meg Baird’s got a new album coming out June 23 on Drag City, and I’m really excited to tell you about it. But listen: before we get started, I want to warn you that there are going to be some aggressive metaphors in this news post. Like, for example, I might quote the press release and say that Baird’s got a “razor-sharp edge” to her voice that you last heard on 2011’s solo album Season’s On Earth or maybe on 2009’s III, her most recent work with Espers. Or perhaps I’ll tell you that her new one is called Don’t Weigh Down the Light, that it’s coming out on Drag City, and that it’s soon enough going to tackle its way into your living room and sit on your ankles with its full body weight. Built off of a sparse acoustic folk architecture similar to her previous two solo albums, Don’t Weigh Down the Light reportedly contains some of Baird’s “strongest songwriting to date.” So strong, in fact, that if you made it mad, it would literally stand up off your ankles, walk over to your TV, and snap your roommate’s Wii in half like it was a saltine or something.

I can tell already that you’re so cowed by all this aggression that you literally can’t wait to check out the album’s opening track “Counterfeiters.” Well you’re in luck because, just moments ago, I went ahead and shoved the SoundCloud embed code into the HTML on this page like it was your roommate coming downstairs to see what all the ruckus was. Have at it below, and you can pre-order the album here.

Don’t Weigh Down the Light tracklist:

01. Counterfeiters
02. I Don’t Mind
03. Mosquito Hawks
04. Back to You
05. Past Houses
06. Leaving Song
07. Stars Unwinding
08. Good Directions
09. Don’t Weigh Down the Light
10. Even the Walls Don’t Want You to Go
11. Past Houses (Reprise)

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