M.E.S.H. shares new video for “Search. Reveal.,” searches the US and Mexico for places to reveal himself

M.E.S.H. shares new video for "Search. Reveal.," searches the US and Mexico for places to reveal himself
Photo: Nadine Fraczkowski

Because he’s secretly The Grinch™ a grinch, James Whipple just had a wonderfully awful idea: in a fiendish plot to keep Christmas™ The Holidays from coming, the Berlin-based producer known as M.E.S.H. shall endeavor to distract us all by unveiling an EXTRA-CREEPY new video for his latest single “Search. Reveal.”

The otherworldly, six-minute, non-dance anti-anthem is taken from Whipple’s recent sophomore album Hesaitix, which came out last month on PAN. Directed by Michael Guidetti, the new clip is guaran-damn-teed to keep our minds off of all-things-holly-and-jolly by taking our eyeballs on a strange, unsettling trip through “an alien world, full of creepy crevices, dark wormholes and a complex network in the underwold.” (Figgy pudding, anyone?? Yeah…didn’t think so.)

And as if that wasn’t enough to pull us out of the holiday spirit…Whipple has also announced (in that deep, grouchy bass-baritone voice he has) that he’ll be hitting the road for a rare handful of dates around the US southwest and Mexico starting tomorrow — right in the damn middle of Hanukkah™! I mean, dude’s even playing a show on Festivus™ in freaking Phoenix!

Ugh. I don’t know about you, but I can already feeeeeeel myself starting to CARE WAY WAY LESS about the impending holiday season. In fact, right after I watch this clip below, I’m going to call my family and friends one-by-one and tell them all to fuck off. Who else is with me?

M.E.S.H.’s x-mas stealing itinerary:

12.14.17 - Seattle, WA - Kremwerk
12.16.17 - Portland, OR - Liquor Store
12.22.17 - Tucson, AZ - Monsoon Collective
12.23.17 - Phoenix, AZ - Threshold
12.29.17 - Mexico City, MX - Ensamble

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