Method Man cashes in on popularity of meth with new album due August 21

Method Man cashes in on popularity of meth with new album due August 21

The TMT Tip Line just got word that Method Man, founding member of The Wu-Tang Clan and “good dad” of rap, has a new album titled The Meth Lab coming out August 21 on Tommy Boy. With this being his first release since 2006’s 4:21…The Day After, I took it to the streets to get the scoop (and I don’t mean ice cream, hahaha… tehehe)

In Sanndyc, New Jersey, I met Kenny Lavitz, a pre-school teacher and super-fan of the 2004 film, Garden State. After getting him to stop talking about that fucking movie, he told me he didn’t know much about Method Man, except for his memorable portrayal as Diego in Garden State. When I asked what he thought Method Man had been up to all these years, Kenny said, “Probably waiting to film Garden State 2.”

I told Kenny that the new album is called The Meth Lab, and it’s sort of a precursor to the long-awaited Crystal Meth, featuring guest spots from Raekwon, Redman, Inspectah Deck, and more. All Kenny must’ve heard was “meth,” because before I knew it, we were in his cousin’s garage smoking glass. Being the good music reporter that I am, I kept things topical by showing Kenny and his cousin Method Man’s Breaking Bad-inspired promo video for the new album on my Microsoft Surface. Once again, I got the scoop (not ice cream, hahaha… tehehe) for TMT, and getting addicted to meth is just another perk of the job!

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