Mike Patton and John Kaada reunite to release Bacteria Cult

Mike Patton and John Kaada reunite to release Bacteria Cult

When Norwegian composer John Kaada and avant-everyman (and Neverman) Mike Patton hooked up in 2004, we were amazed in a good way by their album Romances. Accordingly, loins should be girded for the return of the duo when they release their next effort Bacteria Cult on April 1 via Ipecac Recordings.

Word of warning: Patton describes the orchestral album as “harmonically dense and delicious.”

Further word of warning: Kaada says that this work came about with access to a full orchestra and existing in the “twilight zone where spooky and seductive meet.”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Bacteria Cult

01. Red Rainbow
02. Black Albino
03. Peste Bubonica
04. Papillon
05. Dispossession
06. A Burnt Out Case
07. Imodium
08. Fountain Gasoline

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