Moritz von Oswald and future jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær announce 1/1 collaborative LP

Moritz von Oswald and future jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær announce 1/1 collaborative LP

Moritz von Oswald, who transformed techno’s monochromatic blacks and whites into the most brilliant colors, is continuing his steady lurch into the improvised music arena by teaming up with future jazz trumpeter/composer Nils Petter Molvær. Their collaborative work, an album entitled 1/1, was recorded earlier this year in Oswald’s Berlin studio. This upcoming release finds Oswald playing Eno-esque knob twiddler to Molvær’s trumpet acrobatics, the two weaving an improvised tapestry of rubbery electronics and nu jazz eclecticism.

Oswald’s renowned knack for subtle but cortex-drilling productions — all crumbling moonscapes and reverb-chambers — quite frankly always tears the words from my mouth. It’s a shame, then, that none of those poignant words found their way here; it sure would have been helpful (damnit). So it goes. Here, rearrange these descriptors as you may: metal thunder, pure, hard, tectonic growls, Pollock-like free strewn tendrils, electrical sizzle, echo-shaken percussion; please be kind, and while you read this, make me sound unceasingly witty in your head.

Resident Advisor reports that the duo will bring 1/1 to Enjoy Jazz Festival in Mannheim on October 21, Hamburg’s Überjazz Festival on October 25, and REWIRE festival on November 8. The recorded account is set to hit shelves (CD, double-vinyl) and laptops (digital DL) on October 4, via jazz label EmArcy.

1/1 tracklist:

01. Noise 1
02. Step By Step
03. Transition
04. Development
05. Further
06. Future
07. Development (Ricardo’s Dig Mix)
08. Noise 2

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