Mouse on Mars to release 21 Again, featuring collaborations with eeevverybody

Mouse on Mars to release 21 Again, featuring collaborations with eeevverybody

The German duo Mouse on Mars, a.k.a. Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma, have been around since 1993. That means that Mouse on Mars turn 21 this year! Don’t overdo it on the shots, guys (although I guess the legal drinking age in Germany is 18, not 21, but shhh).

Embracing a better way to celebrate than beer funnels, the industrial-electronic duo has announced 21 Again, a compilation that will feature various collaborations that the group has worked on in the past two decades. Guests include Helado Negro, Tortoise, Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier, Oval, and Yoshimi. Listen to a collab with Cavern of Anti-Matter (a.k.a. Tim Gane, ex-Stereolab) for a taste:

The double CD will be released by Monkeytown Records (who released Mouse on Mars’ most recent album, Spezmodia, in January) on October 31, so you can celebrate Halloween with some sweet, sweet IDM tunes. Pre-order here. The duo also will be holding a 21 Again Festival in Berlin on the same date.

21 Again tracklist:

CD 1:
01. 21 Again (Eli and Mark E. Smith)
02. Fertilized (Mouse on Mars and Cavern of Anti-Matter)
03. Shoe Fly (Mouse on Mars and Tortoise)
04. Celebration Song (A Hawk and A Hacksaw and Balàzs Unger)
05. Lost and Found (Mouse on Mars and Eric D Clark)
06. Purple Frog (Mouse on Mars and Modeselektor feat. Mr. Maloke)
07. Immer Kurz Davor (Mouse on Mars and Siriusmo)
08. Splymogym (Mouse on Mars and Scratch Pet Land)
09. Queen Für Erschein (Mouse on Mars and Dodo NKishi)
10. Key My Brain (Mouse on Mars and Atom TM)
11. 21 Momstars (AGF/Delay Team)
12. Carca Jadas (Mouse on Mars and Helado Negro)
13. My Toe Is On Fire (Mouse on Mars and Laetitia Sadier)

CD 2:
01. Wir möchten auch drauf sein (Ingrid and Oswald Wiener)
02. Ein Leben Wie Heu (Mouse on Mars and Schlammpeitziger)
03. Putty Tart (Mouse on Mars and Junior Boys)
04. Metaloona Swamp (Mouse on Mars and Candie Hank)
05. We’re Glad You Are Born Today, Unless You Weren’t Born Today (David Michael DiGregorio and Sung Huang Kim)
06. Juice Clr 9 (Mouse on Mars and Machinedrum)
07. Somiak (Mouse on Mars and Mesak and Claws Costeau)
08. Fromm (Mouse on Mars and F.X. Randomiz)
09. 90s (Prefuse 73)
10. Bon Djerry (Mouse on Mars and Funkstörung)
11. NKANKA (Mouse on Mars and Yoshimi)
12. Double Gum (Mouse on Mars and Matthew Herbert, a.k.a. DJ Collapse)
13. Pterion (Mouse on Mars and Olivia Block)
14. Gitto Ski (Mouse on Mars and Oval)
15. Off Sea (Mouse on Mars and Tyondai Braxton)
16. Mouse 0n Egg (Happy Birthday!) (DJ Scotch Egg)

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