Thrill Jockey brings the future of the past to the present today with first-ever cassette-only release, Jan St. Werner’s Transcendental Animal Numbers

Thrill Jockey brings the future of the past to the present today with first-ever cassette-only release, Jan St. Werner's Transcendental Animal Numbers

Hey there, colleagues. Taylor Peters here, reporting from my wi-fi-enabled plane en route to the Social Media Leveraging and Positioning 2K13 conference/bacchanal in the Maldives. I just wanted to holler at you re: a new disruption in the brand-o-sphere vis a vis the globality of tech/musical interchange. At the end of the day, all things considered, and with all the cards on the surprisingly heavy imported marble table, it’s probably going to substantially re-configure how we generate actionable concepts of release-oriented solutions within a substantial chunk of extant sub-genres, so listen up.

I trust you’re familiar with Thrill Jockey, the innovative Chicago firm who last year celebrated their 20th anniversary. Well they’re at it again. It, of course, is “a headlong drive toward a tactical uptick in modular synergy.” By way of innovative and hands-on solutions to real human problems, they’re planning their first-ever cassette-only release in just a few short days. It’s from Jan St. Werner, one-half of Mouse on Mars, who also occasionally records under the solo name Lithops. Now, though, he’s leveraging his birth name with a solution-oriented approach to “carefully edited sounds derived from computer algorithms” on Transcendental Animal Numbers. Over two 20-minute tracks, the release stitches together constant sonic and tonal shifts into a coherent whole that still manages to be disruptive at both the technological and genre level. You can listen to Experimedia’s album preview below.

Scheduled for release on November 12, Transcendental Animal Numbers will be limited to 150 copies worldwide (each cassette comes with a download coupon), a fact that ensures a substantial ROI for anyone interested in shoring up their Google Dollars (preorder it here). The release is the second in St. Werner’s Fiepblatter Catalogue, the first of which, Blaze Colour Burn, arrived earlier this year. What I’m saying is this: if one of your KPIs is a steady release schedule, this Fiepblatter Catalogue might be as good a place as any to invest — especially with Thrill Jockey innovating release formats like they are here. Though details have yet to emerge, there have been some pretty clear indications that there’s more planned for this Fiepblatter Catalogue down the line, so keep your phone device close to your face, friend, and I’ll inform you as the data drips down the pike.

Transcendental Animal Numbers tracklisting:

01. Transcendental Animal Music
02. Parrodisia

• Jan St. Werner:
• Thrill Jockey:

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