Moveltraxx’s Street Bangers Factory re-opens for business with new DJ Manny track

Moveltraxx's Street Bangers Factory re-opens for business with new DJ Manny track

The assembly line never slows at the Street Bangers Factory. Helmed by Moveltraxx founder Big Dope P, the footwork compilation series has churned out ten EPs since early 2015, each featuring exactly six cuts of tightly-woven juke. There’s an art to the uniformity; when the mold for a new release has already been cast, expectations of cohesion and thematic structure can be tossed aside for pure artistic production. To dig into the London imprint’s prolific catalog is to inundate one’s self with creative output, standing at the end of the conveyor belt with arms outstretched.

DJ Manny’s “Go Down,” our first taste of Street Bangers Factory 11, is an appropriately propulsive track, hammering down its sampled commands (”go up, go down”) with kicks that hit like feverish keystrokes. The Chicagoan producer (an apprentice of footwork pioneer DJ Rashad) treats the human voice like a form of code, urging the factory’s staff of automaton limbs to bounce at 160 BPM. And if that’s not evocative enough, just wait for those bit-crushed chords to hit at 1:24 — for a moment, you become cyborgian just by hearing them.

Street Bangers Factory 11, which also features contributions from Heavee, Crookers, Bastiengoat, Househead Samira and High Class Filter, drops in late March. You can pre-order it here.

Street Bangers Factory 11 tracklisting:

01. HEAVEE - Selfless State VIP
02. CROOKERS - Scopare (MORGAN HISLOP Remix)
03. BASTIENGOAT - Rock Dat
05. DJ MANNY - Go Down

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