Mumdance and Logos emerge from an electronic crevasse, announce Proto LP

Mumdance and Logos emerge from an electronic crevasse, announce Proto LP

Inspecting the cracks, I usually only ever find crumbs and miscellaneous hair strands that make me wonder if Gandalf has confused my apartment with a Baggins residence. UK producers Logos and Mumdance, however, have found the allure in the musical equivalent of my couch cushions, as their new collaborative release Proto is said to focus on “the very brief sparks of innovation where new scenes were just forming and genre rules were still grey areas.” Many of us can recall on a general level examples of these genre intermissions, but I imagine it takes true awareness to create an entire album based around being in between. Who knows what to expect!

Well, the prior Legion / Proto single might be a good indication. Otherwise, the upcoming LP follows a short history of collaboration between the two grime and jungle aficionados, as in addition to frequenting some of the same label circles (including, despite the name, their own), the two also have more than a few songs under their belt. I’m especially fond of bad English when it accompanies lovely tunes like the one featured on Logos’ most recent LP.

Proto is out February 16 on Tectonic.

Proto tracklisting:

01. Border Drone
02. Dance Energy (89 Mix)
03. Chaos Engine
04. Legion
05. Hall Of Mirrors
06. Bagleys
07. Proto
08. Room 2 Lazer
09. Move Your Body
10. Cold

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