Mumdance and WIFE neglect traditional gender roles, release debut EP as Bliss Signal

Mumdance and WIFE neglect traditional gender roles, release debut EP as Bliss Signal

Metal is a fine genre of music, but bands also have to be respectful of the fact that a minority of the world population simply can’t, by the misfortune of some unnamed biological condition, tour certain residential neighborhoods when the Christmas season rolls around. The light festivals especially are like a hellish holiday underworld for those who are uniquely prone to sensory overload. For these sorts of extra-sensitive individuals — many of whom have heretofore had to avoid those certain hellish strains of metal album whose intensity tends to rain from every direction and from every instrument — at long last, there is new hope.

A new duo called Bliss Signal has just been minted, and they’re being billed as a “metal project” that “strips down extreme metal’s mechanical repetitive elements to their essence, refined to a sharp, singular and powerful core, swathed in expansive and ethereal textures.” In other words, my sensitive friends, unfurl from that fetal position!

Bliss Signal is comprised of Jack Adams (a.k.a. Mumdance) and James Kelly (a.k.a. WIFE). The latter also played in Altar of Plagues before the band dissolved a few years ago, and now he’s combining his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist with Adams’s prolific penchant for hitting our diaphragms hard…in a percussive sense.

Following the project’s live debut at Unsound Festival, Bliss Signal’s debut EP, Drift, is OUT NOW courtesy of True Panther/Profound Lore. You can listen to it in full below and purchase the digital download here.The music definitely maintains all that wonderful head-spinning power of metal…but with none of those pesky nausea, dizziness, and whiplash side effects!

Drift EP tracklisting:

01. Bliss Signal
02. Swarm
03. 4AM Drift

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