Mumdance & Logos cut the crimson ribbon on their Devils sub-label, release new Boylan remix

Mumdance & Logos cut the crimson ribbon on their Devils sub-label, release new Boylan remix

Well, shit. It can be tough keeping track of releases in conjunction with the general year-end chaos, so maybe you can sympathize with the fact that the Mumdance & Logos label compilation, Present Different Circles, totally glanced right off my consciousness like a lovely flower scent in the wind last November.

Quick recap: the duo’s Different Circles label started as an official thing back in 2014, and until that compilation, all of its releases were EPs or singles dedicated to the bass-y and/or grimy sounds in which the two London-based artists themselves were known to traffic. Perhaps that compilation — which featured tracks from Airhead, Inkke, Rabit, and more — was foreshadowing more activity in the Different Circles full-length realm, or perhaps Mumdance & Logos would use that explicit introduction as an unexpected conduit for starting a sub-label reportedly dedicated to housing “conventional mixes of 140 grime tunes.” Uh, who could have predicted?

Okay, to be fair: the whole concept of a “Devils” sub-label was announced last year, but it wasn’t technically inaugurated until this past Friday, when the first release bearing the new sub-label’s name was finally dropped. That music came in the form of a single “Devils” mix of Logos track “Glass,” wherein grime producer Boylan ably took up the task of making the original Logos effort (which is noticeably more sparse) sound quite a bit more sinister. Head over to Boomkat if you want to pick up a 10-inch of this Boylan mix, and listen to the devilish thing below. The original Logos track is down there as well for comparison’s sake.

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