Mutek 2013 is coming, thousands prepare for yearly pilgrimage to Montreal

Mutek 2013 is coming, thousands prepare for yearly pilgrimage to Montreal

Ah, lovely Mutek. You hold such great potential, such great history, yet I have never had the chance to set foot on the hallowed grounds of your various venues. Ever since I heard your strangely evocative name in connection with Coil’s 2003 performance, I have always thought of you as one of the must-see festivals.

That may sounds like jest, but the lineup for 2013 does seem to live up to the highfalutin praise: Matthew Herbert, Lee Noble, Emptyset, Andy Stott, Laurel Halo, Leatherette, and a dozen other artists who have been lambasting your eardrums lately, all spread across a handful of venues and five days of idolatry.

But Mutek is not only a chance to scrape up knees and prostrate before the newly forged mythological figures of modern music. The folks behind it do seem to have an astute sense of who and what is making waves in the music world. Also, apparently they are a not-for-profit organization, which is kinda fascinating. So yes, it is actually worth it to strap on a pair of hiking shoes and start a trek towards Montreal. Better start quick too, because this puppy kicks off on May 29.

Also, check out the full schedule of things that probably shouldn’t be missed. It’s pretty enough to print out and hang.

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