My Bloody Valentine bedazzle the sonic womb that birthed them, reissue remastered and expanded back catalog

My Bloody Valentine bedazzle the sonic womb that birthed them, reissue remastered and expanded back catalog

Kevin Shields would give anything to have the free time and head space to work on a third My Bloody Valentine album, but his train of thought keeps getting interrupted each morning by a representative from Sony Music scratching at his window and aggressively whispering threats if he doesn’t put “something, hell, anything sellable” out in stores. If I’m not mistaken, My Bloody Valentine released a remastered version of Loveless around the time of their reunion shows, but now that album will be available in two-disc, “painfully remastered” form on May 7. Poor Kevin.

Listen carefully: the first disc of Loveless will be remastered from the “original tapes,” while the second disc will be the same album remastered from the “original 1/2 inch analogue tapes.” Those original tapes were of unknown width and presumably inferior. Also arriving on May 7 are remastered versions of Isn’t Anything and a two-disc compilation that gathers all four MBV EPs and rarities/unreleased. Only the EP collection’s tracklisting is getting posted here; check the backs of your old jewel case CDs for the other tracklistings — ain’t shit changed.

EPs 1988-1991 tracklist:

Disc 1:
01. You Made Me Realise #
02. Slow #
03. Thorn #
04. Cigarette in Your Bed #
05. Drive It All Over Me #
06. Feed Me With Your Kiss $
07. I Believe $
08. Emptiness Inside $
09. I Need No Trust $
10. Soon %
11. Don’t Ask Why %
12. Off Your Face %

Disc 2:
01. To Here Knows When ^
02. Swallow ^
03. Honey Power ^
04. Moon Song ^
05. Instrumental no. 2 !
06. Instrumental no.1 !
07. Glider [full-length version] &
08. Sugar +
09. Angel *
10. Good for You *
11. How Do You Do It *

# from You Made Me Realise EP
$ from Feed Me With Your Kiss EP
% from Glider EP
^ from Tremolo EP
! free 7-inch w/ first 5000 copies of Isn’t Anything
& B-side, “Soon (The Andrew Weatherall Mix)” 12-inch
+ promo-only B-Side on “Only Shallow” (France only)
* previously unreleased

• My Bloody Valentine:
• Sony:

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