Natural Snow Buildings astound with surprising concision, announce new album Terror’s Horns

Natural Snow Buildings astound with surprising concision, announce new album Terror's Horns

Astutely, a press release from Ba Da Bing! commented on our elongated expectations for Natural Snow Buildings, wherein anyone familiar with the French drone duo can hardly see an end whenever we press play on one of their 20+ albums. It’s secretly okay, then, that so many of their releases come in numbered editions that would barely satisfy the possessive desires of your average hippie commune; can you imagine the ramifications of consuming their entire discography all at once? You begin spontaneously with the more-or-less six-hour long Daughter of Darkness (recently reissued), and before you know it, the view from your window is crowded with flying cars and an unfamiliar flag representing America’s recently established world dominion. And Solange Gularte is still singing through your headphones!

45 minutes is how uniquely “short” their upcoming album Terror’s Horns is, and conceivably Gularte and Mehdi Ameziane are just obliging requests for “quickie” meditative sessions. Last year’s The Night Country was slightly longer at an hour and twenty minutes, but that album served as additional proof that stringed and otherwise beauty isn’t necessarily tied to a crazy overall duration.

Terror’s Horns is out September 1. The first 32 purchasers get a limited-edition print made by Gularte, while those mail ordering the “special edition” will get an entirely different album called The Ladder as a bonus. Here’s a track prefacing the entirely reasonable amount of sitting time:

• Ba Da Bing!:

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