Natural Snow Buildings reissue Daughter of Darkness with Ba Da Bing!, pioneer new “giant record pile” audio format

Natural Snow Buildings reissue Daughter of Darkness with Ba Da Bing!, pioneer new "giant record pile" audio format

Confirming that they are in fact attempting to hoard all the remaining vinyl in the world, Ba Da Bing! Records has teamed up yet again with the grandmasters of long-form droney folk, Natural Snow Buildings, to release a big giant pile of a record. You’ll recall last year’s 4xLP reissue of Night Coercion in the Company of Witches (TMT Review), which was followed by the 2xLP The Snowbringer Cult earlier this year. That’s a whole lot of vinyl, sure, but I don’t think anyone would quite call it a full-fledged “pile.”

Enter Daughter of Darkness. Originally released in 2009 on six cassettes and limited to 150 copies, Ba Da Bing! and Natural Snow Buildings have announced plans to reissue the beast across eight whole LPs. That, my friends, is what I call a pile. A mighty fine pile, indeed. And, get this, it’s not just a pile on its own, but a pile in a big fancy box. There are stickers in that box, too! For your skateboard I think! And there are two hand-painted covers with every set! And there’s even an insert drawn by Solange Gularte (a.k.a. 50% of Natural Snow Buildings). That’s a lot of conjunctions and exclamation points for just one new post! And I’m not even finished!

There’s also a six-CD version of the album available for those of you who prefer music piles that you can play in your car stereo, and the CD version has two tracks that aren’t available on the LPs. Both come in limited editions (328 for the LP set and 500 for the CD set) and will be available October 15, though you can preorder now over here.

Daughter of Darkness tracklisting:

01. Daughter of Darkness
02. Satanic Demona Part 1
03. Satanic Demona Part 2
04. Curare
05. Carnal Flowers
06. Her Face Is Not Her Real Face
07. Body Double
08. The Source
09. Santa Sangre Part 1
10. Santa Sangre Part 2
11. A Thousand Demons Invocation
12. Slaves for the Afterlife
13. Black Pastures
14. Will You Die For Me?
15. Devil’s Fork
16. Blood in the Ground Linking Us All (CD only)
17. The Invisibles
18. Psychic Navigation (CD only)

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