Neel (Voices from the Lake) listens to Martian whispers instead, announces debut solo LP Phobos on Spectrum Spools

Neel (Voices from the Lake) listens to Martian whispers instead, announces debut solo LP Phobos on Spectrum Spools

Maybe it’s the tragic underfunding of NASA. Maybe George Clooney’s performance was just that affecting, as his body language perfectly captured that of a man floating helplessly deeper into the great Universal abyss. Maybe that cruise (real or imagined, I’m not judging) with your newfound alien buddies really deepened your appreciation! Whatever the reason, a general fascination with space has led to some truly stellar albums over the past few years. Synth Sense and Roly Porter both deserve mentions for their respective immersive captures, but this year… this year we have a veritable specimen of evolution, as Giuseppe Tillieci a.k.a. Neel emerges from the ocean, skips that whole land business, and drifts straight upward with zero hesitation.

Neel, one half of maritime techno duo Voices from the Lake (alongside Donato Dozzy), will be releasing his debut LP Phobos on Spectrum Spools November 10. Reports indicate that it’s mostly an ambient undertaking, but to limit descriptions to a word would be to ignore the intriguing story of the moon in question, as well as the tremendous mood conveyed on the self-titled VftL. Neel takes to further evocations within the context of a (really) eventual collision. The Phobos orbit of Mars is the closest of any known moon against a “primary.” How exactly does one not wax artistic about something like that?

It’s a heavy and magnificent subject. Pulling it off doesn’t seem unlikely:

Phobos tracklisting:

01. Post Landing
02. Storm in Stickney
03. Crater Chain Observations
04. The Gravity of Limtoc
05. Travelling on Kepler Dorsum
06. Life on Laputa Regio
07. The Secret Revealed

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