New JG Thirlwell project Xordox to release album Neospection on Editions Mego

New JG Thirlwell project Xordox to release album Neospection on Editions Mego
Staring contest? Prepare to lose.

Avert your eyes and open your ears, readers: everyone’s favorite mean-mugging Australian composer JG Thirlwell is back in our faces again with a new side-project called Xordox and a new synthesizer-heavy album called Neospection.

Despite the fact that “JG Thirlwell” could be the name of a classic sci-fi author, “Xordox” could be the name of a quaalude-fueled hit sci-fi novel from the ‘70s, and the music of Neospection reflects on the cinematic soundscapes of Blade Runner and Tron; the new album won’t be relegated to the realm of speculative fiction for long: it’s out July 14 via Editions Mego and is being classified as “predominantly a synthesizer record,” which includes “recording sessions from his residency at the legendary EMS studios in Stockholm.” It was recorded at Brooklyn’s Self Immolation studios and features Noveller’s Sarah Lipstate on guitar on three of the eight tracks. (Guitar on a synthesizer record? How…novel?)

If you’re psyched for T H E F U T U R E, listen to opening track “Diamonds” below and pre-order the D I G I T A L A L B U M over at Editions Mego’s Bandcamp. I’ll see you in the dystopia!

Neospection tracklisting:

01. Diamonds
02. Antidote
03. Corridor
04. Pink Eye
05. Alto Velocidad
06. Deep Shelter
07. Destination : Infinity
08. Asteroid Dust

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