NGUZUNGUZU plan to tour Europe in an unpronounceable furor

NGUZUNGUZU plan to tour Europe in an unpronounceable furor

A year ago I made a joke about how I didn’t know how to pronounce production duo NGUZUNGUZU’s name. Their name is like one of those colors only starfish can see, except with letters and sounds. It really throws the old ability-to-pronounce area of my brain for a loop-de-loop. Makes it go haywire is more like it. Writing through a pretty thick mental haze right now, actually. A little concerned it mast meat horn propers trapping. Really struggling. The words are drafting floss morning cured extra star. Help. Recover blue niece pole strap…

[Ed. note — sorry about that! It seems Taylor is having a bit of trouble, so we’re letting him take a quick 30-minute nap before heading back to the news salt mines. What he was trying to say is that, according to Dummy, NGUZUNGUZU just announced a few European dates in August in addition to the Australian dates that are currently underway. He probably would’ve also mentioned NGUZUNGUZU’s Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda’s collaboration with Lit City Trax’s J-Cush and Fatima Al Qadiri as Future Brown. He probably would’ve said something about how the group is reportedly working on their debut album together and how it will probably be pretty cool. Honestly, though, we don’t want to put words in his mouth.]


07.18.14 - Perth, Australia - The Bakery
07.19.14 - Adelaide, Australia - Rocket Bar
07.25.14 - Melbourne, Australia - Revolver Melbourne
07.26.14 - Sydney, Australia - Goodgod Small Club
07.27.14 - Wooyung, Australia - RBMA Stage at Splendour
08.01.14 - London, UK - Deviation at XOYO
08.02.14 - Hamburg, Germany - Spektrum Festival
08.08.14 - Berlin, Germany - Gretchen
08.09.14 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Stay Out West
08.10.14 - Zeebrugge, Belgium - We Can Dance


[Photo: Loren Wohl]

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