Nídia announces debut album on Príncipe, inadvertently reintroduces “phat” as an acceptable adjective

Nídia announces debut album on Príncipe, inadvertently reintroduces "phat" as an acceptable adjective

Dropping her surname for reasons that may or may not have to do with a controversial American co-opting, Nídia (without the Minaj) has just announced Nidia é Má, Nidia é Fudida, her first full-length album, out on June 30 via the Portugal-based Príncipe label. The release follows her 2015 Danger EP, and if you’ve read our glowing review of that release, then you fully comprehend the prodigal nature by which the Lisbon-born producer continues to combine established styles in a manner that not only makes you want to twerk to the point of buttcheek dislocation (it’s possible), but which is also forward-thinking enough that its appeal isn’t limited to the burgeoning Lisbon scene. In fact, Minaj has been living in France for a few years now. And it’s about time that “phat beats playing on portable speakers” replaces “homemade pastries” as the traditional cultural introduction to a new neighbor.

Nídia é Má, Nídia é Fudida has some recognizably house undertones that were also present on Danger, and the album generally seems to be an extension of a style which already sounded full-cultivated to many; but which, in reality, seems to just be getting its footing. Hell, let’s not stop until the ghetto-borne kuduro is intermingled with breakcore! Drum and bass! (Let’s allow American dubstep to experience its anticlimactic death unmolested.) Whatever else!

Pre-order the album now from Príncipe’s Bandcamp, and check out “Sinistro,” one of its three bonus tracks, down below:

Nídia é Má, Nídia é Fudida tracklisting:

01. Mulher Profissional
02. Biotheke
03. Underground
04. House Musik Dedo
05. Puro Tarraxo
06. I Miss My Ghetto
07. Toma
08. Brinquedo
09. É da Banda
10. Arme
11. Indian
12. Kilobo (bonus track)
13. Shane Noah (bonus track)
14. Sinistro (bonus track)

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