Night Slugs to launch Club Rez, “a new club experience” full of intrigue and cloaks and shiny things

Night Slugs to launch Club Rez, "a new club experience" full of intrigue and cloaks and shiny things

In terms of reverence, if there’s a secular equivalent to churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious facilities, it wouldn’t be the impactful halls of centuries-old government buildings, nor the culturally significant rooms of the world’s most distinct museums. Instead, the equivalent would be the inimitable fountains of… Cristal that are wastefully poured over your carefully attired body whenever you’re hittin’ up the club! The club: that generally hazy site of dancing and inebriation, which has been a reliable setting for so many rap music videos that they’ve essentially blended into one giant herpes sore with a gold chain by now. More importantly, though, what about the music that’s created for the club, without the need for lyrical worship?

Following up the launch of their Club Constructions Community, which is geared toward the open recruitment and release of “stripped back” club songs (complete with a manifesto), UK label Night Slugs is on the verge of unveiling Club Rez, which they describe as a “new club experience.” What this experience entails, the public isn’t yet privy, but the label — run by Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 — have announced two upcoming Club Rez shows: the launch in London this Thursday and the follow-up in Glasgow this Saturday. Both shows will feature Girl Unit under his Hysterics moniker (Club Rez borrows its name from the Girl Unit track from 2012), but only the London show will guest star “NS Residents ;).”

Oh, to gauge the meaning of emoticons. <@:/ By the way, here’s a Rizzla bootleg of that Girl Unit track, released in preparation:

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