Nmesh reissues gigantic three-tape Welcome to Warp Zone! set, shares new trailer by Smash TV

Nmesh reissues gigantic three-tape Welcome to Warp Zone! set, shares new trailer by Smash TV
Cover art for the VHS-style 2nd edition of Welcome to Warp Zone!

Back in 2014, Nmesh graciously sent Tiny Mix Tapes a giant 10-part mix, titled Welcome to Warp Zone!, for our Guest Mix series. Lasting over four hours and incorporating a bunch of TMT writers into its storyline, the mix served as a pixelated homage for gamers and vaporwave fans, with warped video game soundtracks mixed alongside gaming-related commercials, PSAs, news reports, SFX, and more. FACT called it “funny, entertaining, thought-provoking.” Anthony Fantano called it “the musical event of the year.”

So it was no surprise when Plastic Response Records teamed with Nmesh the following year to release the whole mix as a three-tape set, housed in a beautiful VHS-style case with impeccable Sega-themed artwork by Nmesh himself. It was also no surprise that the set sold out in just a few days.

Due to high demand, however, Nmesh and Plastic Response are side-scrolling together on a second edition. [Disclosure: TMT has not been directly involved with either set.] The reissue will once again feature three cassettes in a VHS-style case, but it’ll have blue tapes this time (instead of red), NES-themed artwork, and a limited-edition Lucas button, which replaces the stoned Mario button from the first installment.

The second edition of Welcome to Warp Zone! is available for pre-orders starting TODAY, with the tapes going out in the fall.

To ensure your zones are properly warped, Nmesh tapped Smash TV (famous for their Megaplex, Skinemax, and Memorex mashups) to make a brilliant new trailer, which you can view below. PRESS START WHEN READY.

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