VIOLENCE preps debut album A Ruse of Power on NON WORLDWIDE

VIOLENCE preps debut album A Ruse of Power on NON WORLDWIDE

If you’re looking for something revolutionary in your music, you can either hope that Bernie Sanders abandons his political career in favor of an equally passionate and fortitudinous life as a lead melodica player, or you can start following the Chino Amobi-, ANGEL-HO-, and Nkisi-run label NON WORLDWIDE, which was established last year in part as a means of challenging preconceived notions of identity. Of course, that’s really simplifying the mindset that NON’s founders and artists have consistently demonstrated since the label’s inception, and now, an artist by the name of VIOLENCE is aiming to get your wheels turning again by releasing debut album A Ruse of Power on August 26 (which is less than a week from now, FYI, to any cave-dwellers with spotty internet access).

VIOLENCE a.k.a. Olin Caprison told The FADER how the album’s debut single, “Psycud,” “illustrates an image of failing masculinity,” and the album as a whole is reported to follow both personal and historical narratives that have their basis in religion, race, gender, ethics, and probably more. The actual musical manifestation of this seems to be earnest lyrical delivery and beats that are about as hard-hitting as an epiphany completely overturning a formerly accepted worldview.

You might’ve heard VIOLENCE before on compilations from Mykki Blanco and Total Freedom. Here’s the proper intro:

A Ruse of Power tracklisting:

01. Rain
02. Wintertime
03. Psycud
04. Carcrash
05. Things Fall Apart
06. Theia Collides with Earth, the Birth of Apophenia, Nomenclature
07. Tapestry
08. Purpleman

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