Not Not Fun unleashes Filthy Huns, Robedoor, and Regional Curse this fall, has some new tapes coming out too

Not Not Fun unleashes Filthy Huns, Robedoor, and Regional Curse this fall, has some new tapes coming out too

Ever up to their reputation of lords of all things horror, analogue synths, and playfully dark mischief, the folks at Not Not Fun have announced a new batch of tapes ready to soundtrack your Halloween: Filthy Huns’ Leopard on My Right, Robedoor’s Primal Sphere and Regional Curse’s s/t. They are also reissuing Samantha Glass’ Midnight Arrival (originally out in 2011) on vinyl, in case you prefer your music delivered in a pitch-black plastic container and punctured by a needle. There’s a very limited number of copies of Midnight Arrival available, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

While the three tape releases are very much in line with NNF’s overall aesthetic, each one has intriguing particular features. Take Filthy Huns, Nick Koening’s (Daughters of the Sun) solo project, which sounds like something out of a damp Düsseldorf basement in the 80s, with a droning Neu! tinge, the deadpan delivery perfected by European minimal wave acts, and the leather-clad malevolence you’d expect from someone composing anthems for skeleton bikers. Robedoor, on the other hand, take a more mechanistic, quasi-industrial spin, subjugating the listener with a poisonous miasma of distorted synths and blunt drum-programming, to which they add unnerving Suicide-like vocals here and there; a nightmarish combination for your body to succumb to. Finally, Regional Curse, with her droning modular synths and skeletal beats, recalls the ominous darkness only John Carpenter’s scores capture. All in all, the perfect soundtrack for an incantation ceremony or a sinewave-gazing party, courtesy of Stacey Wilson (a.k.a. Rites Wilde, pictured above). The portentous C Monster wrote a bit more about her on our Chocolate Grinder section. Damn, he actually wrote about Filthy Huns too!

Regional Curse was mastered by Lawrence English and is limited to an edition of 100. Leopard on My Right brings artwork by Eric Carlson and Chris Hontos and is also limited to 100 copies. Primal Sphere is even more scarce, down to 50 chrome-tape copies of Robedoor’s debut album reissue. You can get them all via Not Not Fun right now.

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