Nurse With Wound pencils you in for an appointment with limited edition vinyl reissue of Homotopy to Marie

Nurse With Wound pencils you in for an appointment with limited edition vinyl reissue of Homotopy to Marie

It’s been far too long since our last checkup with Nurse With Wound, British musician Steven Stapleton’s legendary avant-garde project. But now is the perfect time to refill your prescription to ward off that musique concrète fever, dear patients, because Nurse With Wound’s classic album Homotopy to Marie is getting a limited edition 2xLP reissue through French experimental label Rotorelief. (And what a relief that is!)

Homotopy to Marie, originally released in 1982 by United Dairies, is considered by Stapleton now to be the project’s first “real” record. “That was the happiest time I ever had in the studio,” he said. The reissue features the original album along with “additional recordings from the same period” in a clearer mix.

If you’ve never heard the album before, see how this loose collection of words strikes you: Dada; tape manipulation; sound collage; industrial noise; whooshing; plinking; banging; other assorted onomatopoeia. In layman’s terms, it’s an experimental masterpiece of bizzarro music; and now, with the 2xLP reissue of the record, it’s time to add warm vinyl crackle back into that sonic gumbo once again!

You’ve got three compelling options, folks:

1. Black vinyl - Boring. Straightforward. Utilitarian. Limited to 1000 copies.
2. Silver & black/silver & white vinyl - Strong. Multi-colored. Irresistibly swirly. 300 copies.
3. Clear vinyl - Transparent. Spectral. Almost nonexistent. 150 copies.

All versions of the reissue are — much like your days — numbered, and come in a metallic gatefold sleeve. The reissue is scheduled to drop July 14, and, because variety is the spice of life, you can pre-order at either the Soundohm store, the Rotorelief shop, or the Nurse With Wound commercial outlet. It’s nice to have options with your healthcare, isn’t it?

Homotopy to Marie tracklisting:

01. I Cannot Feel You as the Dogs Are Laughing and I Am Blind
02. Homotopy to Marie
03. Astral Dustbin Dirge
04. The Schmürz (Unsullied by Suckling)
05. The Tumultuous Upsurge (Of Lasting Hatred)

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