Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound) and Finders Keepers announce compilation series based off the storied Nurse With Wound List

Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound) and Finders Keepers announce compilation series based off the storied Nurse With Wound List

Hey, late-stage millennials and those older: remember when discovering music forced you to burn (minor) calories? The internet has since ruined the necessity of that, of course; but just as Record Store Day remains an eventful thing on an international level for persistent vinyl collectors, so too does the nostalgia of strenuous music exploration live on in certain corners of the collector/listener world. It’s a feeling that may manifest itself as dedicated patronage at a local record shop (if one’s still around), or maybe a person uses the famed Nurse With Wound List as a cool reminder of when music exploration was way more of a physical undertaking.

NWW original members John Fothergill, Heman Pathak, and Steven Stapleton attached the initial looong list of artist influences to their 1979 debut album, and the list has since been revered as an obscure roadmap to even more obscure music. (Curse the web for making things simultaneously less fun and easier!)

Even easier than perusing the entire Nurse With Wound List on Wikipedia: Steven Stapleton has now curated a release that follows the list and removes the want or need to explore almost entirely! He partnered with the archaeologists at the Finders Keepers label in order to compile the first volume of a series entitled Strain Crack & Break, which will continue to feature music from the list. The first volume is French-themed and therefore features tracks from Pierre Henry and…er, others. Check the full tracklist below after the track “Materia-Prima” from Igor Wakhévitch.

Pre-orders accepted until the vinyl/digital release date on September 6. Hmm. There’s something…bittersweet about all this?

Strain Crack & Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List Volume 1 (France) tracklist:

01. Jacques Thollot - Cécile
02. Philippe Besombes - La Plage
03. Igor Wakhévitch - Materia-Prima
04. Mahjun - Les Enfants Sauvages
05. Lard Free - Warinobaril
06. Etron Fou Leloublan - Le Désastreux Voyage Du Piteux Python
07. Jean Cohen-Solal - Captain Tarthopom
08. Z. N. R. - Solo Un Dia
09. Red Noise - Sarcelles C’est L’avenir
10. Pierre Henry - Générique (Thème De Myriam)
11. Horrific Child - Freyeur
12. Dashiell Hedayat - Fille De L’Ombre
13. Jean Guérin - Triptik 2

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