Objekt crushes cocoon, emerges with new album Cocoon Crush on PAN

Objekt crushes cocoon, emerges with new album Cocoon Crush on PAN
Photo: Kasia Zacharko

Butterflies take for-fucking-ever to be born, if you really think about it. That’s metamorphosis, man — one day, you’re this fat little worm guy with like 30 stubby appendages crawling along on a leaf that you’re probably also eating, then you’re instinctively walling yourself up into a little slimy egg thing, and finally you re-emerge in your true form: beautiful, wings slick with goo, relatively lanky.

You know what I always say about musicians &mdsah; they’re exactly the same as butterflies, in every respect, except the musician pulls off a new worm-to-wings transition with each album cycle.

One musician getting set to birth a new butterfly of an album is producer TJ Hertz, better known as Objekt, whose new album Cocoon Crush will be out November 9 on PAN.

Per a press release, in the soundworld of Cocoon Crush, “ghostly synth passages weave through mind-bending weighty drums and ASMR-triggering foley collages scrape and sparkle.”

Cocoon Crush follows Objekt’s 2014 debut, Flatland, as well as numerous smaller releases. Stream the album’s first single, “Secret Snake,” here:

Cocoon Crush tracklist:

01. Lost and Found (Lost Mix)
02. Dazzle Anew
03. 35
04. Nervous Silk
05. Deadlock
06. Rest Yr Troubles Over Me
07. Silica
08. Runaway
09. Secret Snake
10. Another Knot
11. Lost and Found (Found Mix)

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