Odd Nosdam’s new album Sisters is so analogue you can get a copy on VHS

Odd Nosdam's new album Sisters is so analogue you can get a copy on VHS

L.A. beat doyen Odd Nosdam has connected with longtime pals LEAVING Records for his next major release, Sisters, which will be available on February 26.

For those who haven’t been lurking at the Low End Theory events (shame on you) where Odd Nosdam has been road-testing the album for about a year, the essential information about Sisters is that it’s a mixture of laid-back, psych-tinged electronic passages and the usual mind-bending samples and rhythmic textures that we all know and love Odd Nosdam for. There’s also a collaboration with Teebs thrown in for good measure.

If that weren’t enough to paint a mental picture, here’s a woozy taster called “Burrow.”

To add that extra analogue grit, you’ll be able to purchase Sisters in the usual circa 2016 formats as well as on VHS. Cowabunga.

Sisters tracklist:

01. Bow They Will ! ! !
02. Profane Bong Sue
03. Ten Echoes
04. Burrow
05. Center
06. Strng Day So Free ! ! !
07. Sisters
08. Endless 432 (w/ Teebs)
09. Rained (For Lise)

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