Odd Nosdam returns with new album Music For Raising, premieres first single

Odd Nosdam returns with new album Music For Raising, premieres first single

I don’t know if it’s the heat, the impending onset of another academic year, or just fact that if you stand still for too long in L.A. during the summer, you’re liable to be covered with bird shit, acid rain, and horseflies peddling terrible screenplays, but whatever the reason, venerable Anticon label-founder and general mastermind of psych-tinged ambient hip-hop David P. Odd Nosdam Madson just cant seem to sit still. He already released an LP called Sisters earlier this year on Leaving Records, but, um, FUCK LAURELS, I guess? Because he’s already coming back at us hard with another brand new, full-length release.

The new album, titled Music For Raising, is slated for release September 2 via Nosdam’s own imprint Burnco Recs (with a limited-run cassette on BARO Records), and it pushes even farther into his own unique, technicolor universe of distorted, amorphous, ambient psych. The thing was recorded entirely in Nosdam’s home studio in Berkeley, and it’s being called his “most intimate and personal album,” invoking the feeling of “wrapping yourself up nice and cozy in a wonderful wool blanket.”

“[This album] developed much more spontaneously than my beat heavy productions,” Nosdam says of the recording process. “I set up a signal chain that routes through my 8 track three times (with a Space Echo and Distressor along the way), enabling me to manipulate — in real time — three channels of EQ along with heavy compression and tape delay. Once I felt comfy with this chain, the album literally rose up like a flower.”

I know, sounds awesome, right? Too bad we all have to wait until September 2 to hear the results… OH WAIT. WE FUCKING DON’T. Because today — as in, RIGHT NOW — TMT has the pleasure of premiering the album’s first taste, a track called, “Whole, Living.” It’s a glinting, glacially erupting, crystalline Fortress-of-Solitude-in-sound, and you can check it out for your badass selves down below. And while you’re at it, you can also pre-order the entire album direct from the man’s personal Bandcamp page. Better hurry up though, because knowing Odd Nosdam, I get a feeling we’ll probably be telling you about another six new albums you gotta pick up and digest like two weeks from now.

Music For Raising tracklisting:

01. Hey Friend
02. Whole, Living
03. After Before Us
04. Purple Blazin
05. 528hz rvrsd
06. Foundation
07. Raising

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