Oren Ambarchi and PAN release Live Knots, featuring the bonus “pops” of audience member heads

Oren Ambarchi and PAN release Live Knots, featuring the bonus "pops" of audience member heads

Oren Ambarchi releases music about as frequently as I brush my teeth (just look at those pearly whites), so you might be forgiven for quickly moving on following the release of his 2012, underrated-now-that-I-think-about-it LP Audience of One.

An alternative explanation is that you took the name of the LP a little too seriously, and each listen was a guilt-inducing reminder that you probably weren’t the only one listening to that album. No no, don’t try and blame Touch for the possible goading by way of releasing more than one copy; what you should’ve done, on the assumption that you also have the power of precognition, is waited for the release of Live Knots, available on PAN right this instant. Consider the release the approval you need to re-live that 33-minute exercise in gradually chaotic bliss (the original “Knots” is the principal piece on Audience of One).

And so Live Knots is exactly what you’d expect: two versions of “Knots,” performed in two separate venues, with different musicians offering a supportive touch. Fellow Aussie and percussionist Joe Talia joined Ambarchi for the first version, performed at Tokyo’s Superdeluxe in March 2013. The second version comes from the 2013 edition of Unsound, where Oren was joined by both Talia and the inimitable (so I’m told) Sinfonietta Cracovia.

Here’s the original for reference, and here’s an excerpt:

Live Knots tracklisting:

01. Tokyo Knots
02. Krakow Knots I
03. Krakow Knots II

• Oren Ambarchi: http://www.orenambarchi.com
• PAN: http://p-a-n.org

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