Palmbomen II promises no cig-smoking cliffhangers on four-EP series on Beats in Space

Palmbomen II promises no cig-smoking cliffhangers on four-EP series on Beats in Space
I Want To Believe

I know: it’s easy to be dumbfounded to the point of paralysis by Agent Scully’s persistent incredulity, despite the fact that she herself was abducted by aliens not long into the show’s run; but even Kai Hugo recognized the need for life’s continuation after combining an X-Files binge-watch with the creation of his last solo LP under the Palmbomen II name.

At the end of an interview with Dummy, Hugo expressed his desire to release music more frequently, and similar to his relatively strict process on Palmbomen II (the album) — which allotted a “one-day maximum” for the production of each track — Palmbomen II (the artist) seems inclined not to let his creative preoccupations get in the way of “putting a bow on it” (by which I mean actually finishing and releasing that music). His recent collaborations with Dutch compatriot Betonkust have already served as an example of that desire’s fruition.

An even more emphatic example of that desire’s fruition, though, is Memories of Cindy Pt. 1 - 4, a just-announced series of 12-inch EPs that Palmbomen II plans to release one-by-one at various points throughout 2017 on Beats in Space. The first installment, Memories of Cindy Pt. 1, will be released on March 10. And, provided you have the patience of a saint who also listens to lo-fi house music, you’ll eventually be given the option of collecting Pt. 4 as part of a full box set (in fact, this’ll be your only recourse if you want to own all four parts, because Pt. 4 won’t be offered for sale individually.) Sounds like someone really thought this through from a marketing standpoint. I mean: I’D BUY IT.

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Memories of Cindy Pt. 1 tracklisting:

01. I Feel Everything
02. Pure Tibet
03. ALOHAnet
04. Seventeen
05. RTL Unifeeder
06. Peter Accepts Death

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