Panda Bear curates Lisbon’s Green Ray music festival, scores a “big get” by booking Panda Bear

Panda Bear curates Lisbon's Green Ray music festival, scores a "big get" by booking Panda Bear

It’s happened: Panda Bear has finally hit the big time. After years of being in a fairly popular band, releasing fairly popular solo records, and collaborating with fairly popular electronic artists, Panda Bear (or Noah Lennox to the superfans/regular people) is getting a shot at curating a music festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Like the old saying goes, you’re garbage until you get to curate a music festival in the city in which you live; now start curating or get the the hell out of my office. As Pitchfork reports, Noah Lennox is no longer garbage, because Noah Lennox is curating the Green Ray festival, taking place on December 13 at Lux Frágil.

So who’d he get? Sit down. Panda Bear’s major score, his big get for Green Ray, is a little fellow by the name of Panda Bear. Not bad for your first (?) attempt at curating a festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Beyond that coup, the festival will also feature the likes of Actress, Niagara, bEEdEEgEE (Gang Gang Dance’s Brian DeGraw), and Eric Copeland. Furthermore: DJ sets! Many first-time curators of music festivals in Portugal make the mistake of not booking any DJ sets. This is not a mistake Lennox has made, as he’s booked DeGraw, Gala Drop, Marcellus Pittman, and Ron Morelli.

Tickets are available here. The site is in Portuguese, proving that the festival is, in fact, in Portugal.

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