You’re Old: Panda Bear’s Person Pitch reissue coming this month

You're Old: Panda Bear's Person Pitch reissue coming this month

Remember about 10 years ago when you had your whole life ahead of you? Tiny Mix Tapes was just starting kindergarten. You secretly thought you were cooler than all of the emerging hipsters, and you were vibing hard to Panda Bear’s Person Pitch. Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you’re old. Person Pitch is receiving a 2xLP reissue on blue and white vinyl on Vinyl Me, Please, out this month.

“But… but, it couldn’t have been that long ago?” Sorry, but it was. It’s okay. Take a breath. The new reissue also comes with a new gatefold and a 12x12 original art print. And, hey, don’t worry, Panda Bear still makes music and collaborations. He even collaborated with Daft Punk a few years ago. “Oh, I love Daft Punk, and their album Homework.” That was 20 years ago. “Shit.”

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