Paul Thomas Anderson’s documentary on Jonny Greenwood, Junun, premieres next month

Paul Thomas Anderson's documentary on Jonny Greenwood, Junun, premieres next month

Alright, so Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood probably can’t pull off early-20th-century greed and misanthropy as convincingly as Daniel Day-Lewis, but does that make the award-winning composer’s life any less deserving of cinematic tribute?

Longtime director-collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson saw an opportunity to return the artistic favor during a recent trip that Greenwood took to Rajasthan, India, for the purposes of recording his new album. The documentary Junun is set to premiere at the New York Film Festival in September/October, and the film itself is roughly an hour-long feature chronicling the frequent guitarist’s musical collaborations with Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur, as well as at least 12 Indian musicians who Greenwood cites as coming literally close to eating and breathing music (despite the alleged protein shortcomings). Oh, and supplemental Radiohead guy Nigel Godrich also accompanied the troupe under the guise that, “But Jonny! You’ll need an engineer over there!”

Ultimately, NYFF prefaces Junun’s upcoming world premiere with a promise of “pure magic,” showcasing the “close camaraderie of artistic collaboration.” Let the rest of us belatedly thank the Maharaja of Jordhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort for allowing foreign residents.

Here’s a reminder of the PTA/Greenwood relationship:

• Jonny Greenwood:

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