Phase Fatale finds an open coffin at Hospital Productions, announces debut album Redeemer

Phase Fatale finds an open coffin at Hospital Productions, announces debut album Redeemer

Participants in BDSM probably were never suffering from a dearth of options when attempting to choose a soundtrack for their deviant sexual adventures…but what happens when they discover “Whip It” was composed by five meager men with redesigned flowerpots on their heads? Seems like the fetish world could use something a little darker to complement the midnight leather that it frequently utilizes. Luckily, Berlin-based producer Hayden Payne is releasing Redeemer under his Phase Fatale moniker on October 13. The new release follows an orgy of 12” EPs, which — in addition to generally foreshadowing the kind of fiercely “unapologetic future” that an accompanying press release attributes to Payne’s sound — have each consistently blurred the line between “techno for the dance floor” and “seance music meant to convince the participant of his or her own vampiric heritage.”

As you might well imagine, music this foreboding and orgiastic calls for label sponsorship! Payne’s congruous relationship with Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions is just getting started with Redeemer’s impending release. Previously, he’d been on solid terms with Jealous God, the label partially run by Juan Mendez a.k.a. Silent Servant. In fact, a 12” EP created in collaboration with Silent Servant is thus being released alongside Redeemer, and it consists of three extended mixes from Redeemer (for the tracks, “Order of Severity,” “Operate Within,” and “Spoken Ashes”). You might wanna keep your eyes peeled for both records this fall…especially if you’re perpetually frustrated by the inadequacy of blackout curtains.

Stay tuned for more ordering info, checkout the album tracklist, and listen to the non-extended version of the track, “Spoken Ashes,” below.

Redeemer tracklisting:

01. Spoken Ashes
02. Operate Within
03. Human Shield
04. Interference
05. Order Of Severity
06. Beast
07. Redeemer

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