Silent Servant mutely announces new album on Hospital Productions, tacitly shares “Harm in Hand” video

Silent Servant mutely announces new album on Hospital Productions, tacitly shares "Harm in Hand" video

If there’s one complaint I have about all the all-night dance parties that I’m constantly invited to attend as an internationally celebrated music journalist and tastemaker, it’s that they’re always TOO DAMN HAPPY and EXUBERANT. Luckily, famed producer, DJ, and art director Juan Mendez feels my pain and (possibly just because I willed it) has announced a brand new album under his mercifully dark, dank, chilly, morose, and spooky Silent Servant moniker.

Entitled Shadows of Death and Desire — and featuring seven brand new characteristically “aggressive” but “stripped-down acid punk electro dance attacks” — Mendez’s moody-broody new LP is set for release on December 8 via the equally moody-broody Hospital Productions label. (Not un-coincidentally, Mendez will also be performing at Hospital Fest on December 8 in New York City.)

But because he knows that two months is a long wait for those of us party animals who are looking to be bummed-the-fuck-out ASAP, Mendez is also mercifully releasing the album track “Harm in Hand” as a standalone 12-inch on November 16. This icy, hypnotic, and desiccated club jam (backed with a bonus cut called “death of decadence,” which the label calls suitable “for tearing apart the club”) can be pre-ordered right here — and its equally chilling video can be viewed down below RIGHT NOW.

After you’ve watched it and are done coming down, you can calmly and equanimously pre-order the entire album digitally here or analog-ly over here. Ah…thank goodness for the dependable and stabilizing power of sadness. <3

All seven Shadows of Death and Desire:

01. Illusion
02. Harm In Hand
03. Damage
04. Loss Response
05. 24 Hours
06. Glass Veil
07. Optimistic Decay

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