Physical Therapy and Renaissance Man’s Ville Haimala unite as Low Concept for Bugz EP

Physical Therapy and Renaissance Man's Ville Haimala unite as Low Concept for Bugz EP

Low Concept is the new collaborative effort between Brooklyn-based producer Daniel Fisher, a.k.a. Physical Therapy, and Finland-born/Berlin-based producer Ville Haimala, who works with fellow countryman Martti Kalliala as Renaissance Man. Fisher and Haimala have convened in Berlin to put out their first EP, Bugz, which will be released in September through the young London/New York label White Asega.

Ever coated in bittersweet irony, both artists like to play with the especially thin line that exists between high- and lowbrow dance music. Take Renaissance Man’s 2009 spraycan-sampling ”Spraycan,” which flirts with musique concréte while never leaving pitchy rave territory. Modeselektor’s techno-absurdist antics might be an apt comparison.

The Bugz EP will provide three straight-ahead, no-nonsense club bangers (or four if you purchase it digitally), but, according to the press release, the title track “is delivered from the point of view of a DJ looking down on the teeming masses of dancers below the booth.” So it seems the playfulness remains — good thing.

For more bass and silliness, listen to Physical Therapy’s inquisitive and incriminating “I Did” from last year’s Yes, I’m Elastic EP below and explore Renaissance Man’s recently launched Black Ocean label.

Bugz tracklist:

01. Bugz
02. The Prick
03. Bugz (Alex Coulton Remix)
04. Bugz (Jack Dixon’s Inspector Love Remix) *

* digital only

• Physical Therapy:
• Renaissance Man:
• White Asega:

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