Physical Therapy releases Scraps: Vol. 1; news writer gets boner at the gym

Physical Therapy releases Scraps: Vol. 1; news writer gets boner at the gym

Recently, I went to the gym for the first time in a long time. After telling the world I was at the gym by tweeting, writing a Facebook status, posting an Instagram, and checking in on Foursquare (remember Foursquare?) I started an electronic pump-up mix of Physical Therapy’s new album, Scraps: Vol. 1, available for download from the Berlin-based producer’s website. I built up a sick sweat on the elliptical thanks to tracks like the relentless “Dope for Me (Hard Dub).”

With my Beats by Dru on (Dre knockoffs designed by Dru Hill), I continued listening to Physical Therapy as I used the recumbent exercise bike. The album is a collection of edits and “other scraps” from music created for his own imprint Allergy Season. The music and my workout started to get so intense that the rubbing of my leg against my male part caused what some moms might call a “public erection.” I rushed to the shower to massage AXE body wash all over my evil stick since my best friend Dunny said “rubbing one out” is the only way to deflate a skin balloon. The music finished as soon as I did, and then I went home to write this article.

Scraps: Vol. 1 tracklist:

01. Chillwitthetoms
02. Dope for Me (Hard Dub)
03. Lurve Ya
04. Dance Naked
05. Chase Da Booty
06. Music Heavy Cheez

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• Allergy Season:

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