Pictureplane signs to Anticon, label slowly becomes increasingly goth

Pictureplane signs to Anticon, label slowly becomes increasingly goth

Stay goth, my friends. If there’s anything that noted California experimental hip-hop label has been missing, it is a distinct goth flavor. Does Doseone even own any bondage pants? As an initial first step in correcting these wrongs, the label has signed the true goth star himself, Pictureplane a.k.a. Travis Egedy. As we speak, Egedy is wrapping up the recording of his debut Anticon full-length, which is expected to see release next year.

Mr. Top Goth (that’s Pictureplane) just wrapped up a string of dates with Heems on the West Coast. However, if you are lucky enough to live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you can see a Heems-less Pictureplane at The Starlight on August 1. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll play something off that aforementioned Anticon debut. Or maybe he’ll play “Total Confusion,” his Antwon-featuring single that came out earlier this year through IHC 1NFINITY.

• Pictureplane: https://soundcloud.com/pictureplane
• Anticon: https://www.anticon.com

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