Pinback exclaim, “We’re pin-BACK!” with announcement of first studio album in five years

Pinback exclaim, "We're pin-BACK!" with announcement of first studio album in five years

Pinback! You didn’t think that one of the most qualitatively consistent bands in the universe was suddenly going to disappear from the music world altogether, did you? On the contrary, when the sun finally explodes, and the Earth is showered upon with mile-wide pieces of flaming meteorites, I fully expect expect Pinback to continue releasing reliably good albums. Even their latest hiatus, if that’s what you want to call it, wasn’t even totally one. They did a bit of touring, and last year, they released a couple of limited-edition singles, in honor of Record Store Day. Little did we know, those singles were the precursor to Information Retrieved, their first full-length album in five years, and their first as signatories to Temporary Residence Limited. The album is due out October 16.

Also, in case you need a memory-jog with regard to what Pinback were up to five years ago, check out our review of Autumn of the Seraphs, their last studio album.

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